N64 Said:

The most extraordinary explosions ever seen in a computer game, and all the glitz you'd expect from developers Rare.

Crash! Bang! Wallop! A fusillade of immensely satisfying effects vie for ear-space with a fine selection of tunes.

Matchless harnessing of N64 magic makes a game that's unimaginable on any other system.

Easy to race through, and the thrill of replaying the missions eventually fades.

Bold, brash and full of fire, Blast Corps is a blockbusting treat. Just great.
Blast Corps
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26 March 2016 This game looks like a mess, visuals 8? Jesus, well it's 3D... It all screams first gen. Textures are low detail, and tile badly. Buildings are plain, terrain is even plainer. The music and voices are commendable, not outstanding mind, but not awful either. Gameplay itself is very arcadish. As in - this game is more suited to an arcade machine than a console - there doesn't seem to be any continuity between missions at all. It is all about destroying stuff I suppose and there's plenty of that. There is something weird going on with the (plentiful) explosions, they're not drawn in 3D space.. or something, can't quite put my finger on it but it's a bit strange. I'm sick of this after a few missions, there's just no purpose.