N64 Said:

Smoothly animated and darkly realistic. The monsters, sadly, are crap.

Quite the scariest music we've heard for ages. Effects lack detail but the monster noises are disturbing.

Doom 64 is slowly being left behind. Technically it's up there (apart form the monsters), but otherwise there's a total lack of innovation

Reassuringly difficult, with the best secret options of any Doom to date. Increased puzzle aspect and some genuinely challenging bits should help you get your money's worth.

On release it was second choice behind Turok. With GoldenEye on the way, it must now be third. A good game but limited.
Doom 64
28 March 2016 I'm kinda torn by Doom 64, on the one hand it's ooold, and it feels like it, but it's still fun, for a little while anyway. Controlling my man is gloriously smooth, moving feels totally frictionless which is quite pleasent. Guns are fun to blast with, and handed out generously, you get the chaingun on the second level! BLAM BLAM BLAM! Of course much like Hexen the monsters are staggering around with fewer frames than a midget has inches and it feels like I'm fighting cardboard cutouts. Gameplay apart from shooting is quite uninspiring: a series of colour-coded key quests. Quests is too grand a word really, you find a coloured door and it tells you it's locked, go find they key. Whoop-de-doo, I make it to the second level before I give up in boredom.