N64 Said:

Would have looked brilliant a few years ago, but F1 looks merely functional now.

Annoying announcer and sound effects that never really seem to 'gel'.

There's nothing here that couldn't be done on any other console.

With every Formula 1 circuit and a range of difficulty settings, this ought to last for ages. No multi-player mode, though.

A workmanlike Formula 1 game. Our N64s are capable of so much more,though.
F1 Pole Position 64
28 March 2016 A telling first impression, the menus are hilariously ugly, true programmer art, they couldn't afford a single designer? After wading through a bunch of menus - it seems there's a lot of options to play around with - I've managed to pick and car and get into a race. Apparently despite being a fairly realistic game (as apposed to Mario Kart say), there are turbo starts, when the light goes green every other car takes off at light speed while I do a stationary shimmy before struggling over the start line. Now I'm no F1 driver, but the car handles like it's impossible to slide, hitting dirt, or other cars doesn't throw off the handling at all, so you lose a little speed if you overshoot a corner but you never lose control of the car. The car feels as though it has no weight to it whatsoever, like I'm piloting a cardboard cutout around the track. They've opted for blatent popup over fogging, but the track is hardly impressive looking. Keeping to racing game tradition, the speedo is a bullshitting cunt, claiming a speed of 120kph when the car is clearly going about 50, so dull. The effect of crashing into a wall at 250kph: bounce back 3 metres, disappointment grows.