N64 Said:

Prehistoric by N64 standards, but interestingly varied

Decibels of spooky background effects. The music's best turned off, though

Aside from the split-screen mode, this is a two-year-old PC game

As long as you don't give up in frustration, this'll take ages to battle through

Ropey-looking and sometimes overly time-consuming, but plenty of medieval action and some nice touches.
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26 March 2016 What a shitter. Already "prehistoric" when it was released Hexen has aged like an already ripe banana: it's turned into an absolute turd. The first thing I hear after starting the game is a muffled failure that's mean to be a voice, brilliant start. The game itself is just so old! Enemies and details like trees are just sprites with a few frames of animation, this makes Killer Instinct look good! Textures are muddy, and I don't just mean brown, although they are mostly brown on the first level, it's a foul looking game, blocky, flat 3D elements. Everything that moves is jerking around with 2fps of animation. Pew pew, blast a few monsters with my magic wand thing, which is entirely underwhelming to shoot. Yawn, wander around some brown rooms and pull a lever, pew pew some more. Fall asleep. Honestly, I feel bad for anyone who paid money for this.