N64 Said:

The animation's questionable, but there's plenty of explosive action in here.

The best bit about KI Gold. You'll either love or hate (both with a passion) the soundtrack, but the voice samples are crystal clear.

Nice backgrounds do not a lip-smacking beat-em-up make, I fear.

Measured in weeks rather than months.

One for the committed KI fan, really. Nintendo have to come up with a Virtua Fighter 2 or Tekken 2-style offering to be take seriously in this field.
Killer Instinct Gold
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19/1/2016 K.I. sets the scene right away for an action-packed game, the music is pumping, there's fire all over the place and I feel like jumping around and beating people up! Obviously this is an arcarde port, there are no menus, it's straight to the character select, where I can choose from a number of slightly out-dated looking prerendered characters... hmm.. Choose a character! Opponent is selected! Fight begins!! Well it looks better than Mortal Kombat, but that's more of insult than praise. The backgrounds are a weird mix of 3D and crappy 2D cutouts, and the characters are shitty old-school prerendered sprites, featuring the predictably low fps animations I've come to expect. The voices are not half bad by N64 standards, and that's about all I have to say in favour of Killer Instinct. It's just another button-mashing punchup. Yawn