N64 Said:

Diverse, spectacular, incredibly detailed, wholly convincing.

Smashing effects and a score rather than music. Hours of speech! Which you can turn off.

Technically astounding. Flawless execution. Impossible even to consider on another machine.

You may wish to play for medals. I think I'll just switch the points on Macbeth again..

I possibly like it less than anyone else ever in the history of all things, and I think it's fantastically excellent.
Lylat Wars / Starfox 64
26/02/2017 Tight controls, rumble pak integration (the first!), lazers, explosions, space! Starfox is pretty sweet, an abundance of daft voicework, a (cheesy) story, characters that have face spasms when they talk. It really has it all, except a level select, which is a pretty big omission. The gameplay is really fun, the rumble pak adds a lot of weight to your actions, enemies are literally knocked around in the sky when you hit them, flash bright colours, emit smoke and arcs of electricity. However there is pretty intense fogging a lot of the time, a single playthrough is good fun, but it takes me less than an hour, and I die only once - fighting the final boss - completing the game on my second life. I haven't even been to half the levels, but the thought of having to replay some of the same ones over again isn't getting me excited, maybe next year. Blasting stuff out of the sky is good and all, but the enforced linear playthrough is by far the game's worst point, it comes dangerously close to pushing the whole thing into Shit territory.
Not Shit