N64 Said:

Old Hat. Not quite as crisp as the PlayStation version, but incorporates improved graphical features, including nice transparency effects.

Absolute guff. The in-game speech and fx are so dull you have to crank the TV's volume right up to make them out.

This isn't what you bought your N64 for. Seems to have been developed for a different system to the one Super Mario and Turok appear on.

As per pigging usual for MK, there are five difficulty settings and four different 'destinies' to reach in single-player.

Vastly over-rated as a game and an extremely poor use of the N64's powers. This really is best avoided.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
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16/05/2015 This game came out on the wrong console. A unintentional mistake no doubt, it was clearly intended for the SNES, but somewhere along the way somebody goofed up and left off the first 'S', then accidentally wrote a '6' instead of an 'E', and a '4' instead of another 'S', and so N64 it was. Now before I get onto lambasting the graphics I must mention the sound, which is atrocious. There's actual spoken words! Amazing! Brilliant! Only it sounds like I'm listening to my neighbours talking at the top of their lungs, through a wall, or two. The audio is a fuzzy dim mess, the sound effects are rubbish. If you want to play a game with quality 2D sprites, I can highly recommend the Metal Slug series, I will not recommend this game. The characters are functional, but the animations have too few frames, and are nothing impressive. The less said about the backgrounds the better. The gameplay seems pretty run of the mill for this sort of thing. I can't claim to be any good at it, my technique is to mash buttons and curse. It took me three matches before I won a single round against my first opponent, opponent number 2 immediately fell to my flawless all-the-buttons-at-once combo consisting nearly entirely of magic arrows, and I then proceeded to have my face mercilessly pulped by the third challenger. I'm going to stop there because I'm bored, it would likely have a little more longevity if I were playing against someone else, but that would be because it would rouse my fierce fighting spirit (!), not because the game's any good.