N64 Said:

Stunning throughout. Equalled, thus far, only by Mario.

Some beautifully accurate FX and funky '70s porno music.

Thoroughly makes use of the N64's power. Frighteningly impressive.

Consistently delights, and has one hell of a difficulty curve.

Pilotwings 64 is a breathtaking showcase for the N64. What Nintendo promised, they have delivered. Superb.
Pilotwings 64
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22/11/2013 Pilotwings is one of those famous(for being a launch title I suppose) games that I never played. But it's not half bad! You start out with the Hang-glider, the Rocket Belt and the Gyrocopter. My favourite is definitely the Hang-glider, cruising slowing across the sky with relaxing tunes is really quite nice, fufilling the objectives is almost secondary, which is quite lovely really. A few seagulls drifting around with me would make the experience. I did see a couple of other hang-gliders off in the distance on the Little States map which was a nice touch. Little States incidentally is the best looking level, all the levels suffer from really, really low polygon terrain covered with, often, textures stretched until they're ugly. Textures really are the downfall of the graphics here, there are some nice ones about, often the buildings and other detail objects have perfectly good ones, but considering how often you end up just a few metres off the ground, the terrain textures really should be of higher quality, some of the hut roof textures on Crescent island have blatent compression artifacts as well, that's pretty poor. The Rocket belt is my goddamn nemesis in this game. It seems like it would be fun - strap on some rockets and jet across the heavens like Superman (Oh boy, looking forward to that game), but even though you can move the camera up and down to help, trying to tell where I am in relation to other objects (i.e. the rings you have to fly through) can be nigh on impossible and I just end up circling them like someone lost on a roundabout, it's a bit humiliating really. I was disappointed not to come across any of the "70's porn music" the game apparently sports, but I can attest to the some in "Some beautifully accurate FX", fly down close to the surface of the large river rushing through a canyon in Little States (while you're there take a dip, the water's lovely, I did and somehow didn't drown) and be treated to the realistic sound of .... a small stream. Hmmm.
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