N64 Said:

Yes, believe what you've heard. It's Mortal Kombat 3D.

Overly serious dirges and basso-profundo Marlboro Man doing the voiceover.

A criminally N64-untroubling waste of moulded plastic.

Birth to death in microcosm; once you've sampled all the characters 'delights' you'll feel bored and cheated. (A precis of real life indeed. - Ed)

A paragon of money-for-old-(3D)-rope.
War Gods
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26/09/2016 Best bit before actually playing the game? That neon green logo. Best bit after playing the game? Maybe still that neon green logo... Dull menus, only 9 characters, only one actual god. Nice to see both the characters and the levels are all in 3D though, things are improving. The voice over is not as terrible as some, so it's got that going for it, which is nice. But really what is there to say, mash buttons, health bars turn red, oversized blood drops spray unconvincingly. Victory/defeat. Repeat, repeat, etc... Yawn.