N64 Said:

Too incredible to convey in static screenshots, the swelling, flowing water has to be seen to be believed. And perhaps not even then.

Considerable speech and believable effects manage to atone for its daytime TV filler tunes.

Analogue control and naturalistic graphics in perfect harmony. Only on the N64...

I though I'd be tired of this by now, but no. The two-player potential is a vital contributing factor, though.

A thoroughly innovative and successfully ambitious racer. Until you play it, consider your videogaming expertise incomplete.
Wave Race 64
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04/06/2015 This game is so 90's it's kind of great. There's the honky music, which is pretty terrible but reminds me of day-time TV from back in the day, and ridiculous fluro colours are just everywhere. In addition to the fluro just about everything in Wave Race has super-saturated, bright and cheerful looking colours, it helps everything feel FUN. And fun it is! Initially the controls feel quite twitchy and I keep over-steering, but it feels like with practice this is something you'd get used to and would actually add depth to the game rather than becoming a frustration - after a few races I'm much more comfortable with it. There is the option of adjusting your vehicle's handling also. The water effects which were gushed over on release are still not bad looking, but sometimes the wave action gets rather frenetic and it feels more like I'm racing in a bathtub than ocean swell. Of course you won't be doing sweet jet-ski tricks in your bathtub any time soon. The sound effects are as forgettable as the music. The announcers speech on the other hand sounds pretty clear and doesn't immediately become annoying, so it's better than a lot of other games (See the abysmal Mortal Kombat Mythologies for instance). The character models are the biggest let-down, I finished second in a championship series only to be treated to the sight of my man standing on the podium looking like he was put together from toilet paper tubes. At least you won't be distracted by a hi-res butt constantly jiggling around in front of the camera.
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