N64 Said:

Glorious 2D artwork that outshines the occasional, ropy 3D bit.

Twee tunes that definitely won't get your toes tapping.

Is J2 doing something incredibly clever here that it's just not telling us?

Getting Josette to be 100% human will take a fair while - especially if you can't read Japanese.

An interesting attempt at something new, but it doesn't quite come off.
Wonder Project J2
Screenshot 1That's pretty much how I feel about this game as well.
Screenshot 2Just what we were all waiting for - robot underwear.
28/05/2015 This is definitely a Japan-only release. There's actually a full English translation patch around - which is what I'm playing - but the game is just... Japanese. You're meant to teach a robot girl to act like a real human by guiding her through various encounters with other people, it boils down to being a point and click adventure. I said adventure but tedium or annoyance would be more appropriate. Most, but not all, of the game game is 2D and the art is fairly nice despite the feeling that I'm just playing a GBA game on my TV. I was going to bitch about the gratingly slow text drawing speed (even once it's been set to 'fast'), but it turns out you can press Z to jump ahead, so it's actually reasonable. This is one of the many things taught to you in the just-long-enough-that-it-gets-really-boring intro sequence where your little robot minion can't make up her mind about standing in the background or foreground so she just runs back and forwards between the two every other sentence, I think it's meant to be cute? It's fucking annoying. The best bit is that every step she takes is accompanied by a strange sound effect, which gets old REALLY, REALLY FAST. Seriously, after a few minutes I want to kill whoever made the call to use this sound effect. You could always play with the sound muted. I should have checked if there was an option to turn effects off, I think they drove me a little bit crazy. It took about 10 minutes of playing a game where you order a young girl around before she got excited and jumped in the air showing me her panties... stay classy perverted Japan.