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Information about prerelease versions of LA.

- It's possible that the Bow was at some time meant to be collected from a chest in the well instead of being bought from the shop. The well has "chest data" pre-defined so that if a chest is put in there it will contain a bow.

- Apparently the enemy who gives you the Boomerang originally traded all items that did not have a level, but this was changed just before the game was released.

The following info is taken from issues of Nintendo Power from 1993, if you have these issues and could scan or take photos of the mentioned screenshots please contact me. This information provided by Amadeus.

-The January '93 issue has an early screenshot of the map, which looked totally different and if I'm not mistaken was actually a simplified version of the LTTP world map. They were probably just testing the map features at the time. There were two other screens as well; one of Link fighting the Moldorm in a room vastly different from the final version, and another of Link standing in front of what looks like the Eastern Palace from LTTP.

-There was a very interesting shot of an earlier status screen in the May '93 issue with some fascinating differences from the final product:
The instruments were in a different order, and in place of the Wind Marimba was a pair of cymbals.
The Acorn was an item you could carry with you.
You could carry more than one bottle of Crazy Tracy's medicine.
There was some kind of stone fragment item that didn't make it into the final game. Another screenshot shows this as one of the items you can win in the crane game.
The Magic Rod had finite uses.