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Images of things uncovered in the game using Gameshark codes.

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For codes on how to see these items yourself go to Zelda's Secret Ocarina.
Translations are not completly accurate and may be incorrect.

Seeing as MM used OoT's engine it's unsurprising that some of the items from OoT can be found in MM. When used this acts like a bottle of bugs.
Text: Fairy Ocarina.
Text: Fairy's Pachinko (Pachinko is a Japanese pinball game).
Text: Grandma's Drink.
Although the icon is an empty bottle, when used this turns out to be a purple potion which restores life.
Perhaps an early version of the Seahorse, or something from the removed Jabu-Jabu fishing game.
Text: Hylian Loach.
Text: Long Hook (Japanese name for the Long Shot).
An early wallet? If so it would be the one Link starts with (holds 99 rupees), although it could have been an event item.
The Wind medallion text from OoT.
The Ice medallion text from OoT. These are just left overs from OoT and were not at any time part of MM.