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Pre-production images that show normal Link or none of the Links.

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The original three MM screenshots.
This is the icy area of Termina Field. There are trees instead of rock "mushrooms", grass on the ramp, a dodgy ice texture and no proper map. Also using the Fairy bow icon.

Link has the OoT Kokiri sword icon, and Fairy Ocarina. Also, see the H on the clock instead of a day.
This is the room before the miniboss in the Great Bay Temple, as you can see though at this time it had an Eyegole whereas final version has two Chuchus. The Eyegole is now found in the Stone Temple and looks somewhat different.
A removed cinema? It could be the view you used to get at the end of a day in Clocktown.
Another unseen cinema angle.
Link has the adult Link mask equipped to c-v, it was replaced with the FD mask in the final version. Also, the area around the Clocktower seems laid out differently.
"This time, there will be a long jump as well, during which you are unable to attack"
The mask man's ears are slightly different.
The ramp in the background is going up the opposite side!
The treasure chest game lady is instead the Mayor's receptionist here. Probably a temporary fill in until they made the receptionist.
A fence behind Tingle!
Looks like the cinema you see when first entering Clocktown.
There's text on both A and B! And this room, presumably in the Deku Temple, does not look familiar.
Both brothers are standing next to the fence, instead of just one.
The shed thing that the other brother stands under in the final version isn't there.
It's very red...
Doesn't look so scary without a face.
Somewhere in the Pirate's Fortress.
The fishing sequence present in Ocarina of Time will be enhanced. Miyamoto comments, "Rather than taking the fishing part of the last game to extremes, we want to do something new with it. Like 'Jabu Jabu' fishing." As you may remember, Jabu Jabu -- a gigantic fish -- was the deity to the Zora in Ocarina of Time. Link journeyed into the belly of Jabu Jabu to save princess Ruto's life.
Miyamoto, unwilling to reveal all the details surrounding the enhanced fishing mini-game, did offer Famitsu this: "If you catch the 'Jabu Jabu,' it may cause things like stopping the fall of the moon."
The fishing mini-game will offer a means of earning Rupies in Zelda Gaiden.
The water would lead you to believe that this is the outer part of the Fortress, but the patrolling guard changes that. Obviously the PF underwent a facelift at some point.
One of the Gorman Bros is carrying a bucket back there... Milking the cows I suspect. Showing that at one point they worked for or helped Cremia.
I'd say this room is in Stone Tower, but other than that all I can say is that is certainly doesn't exist anymore.
Third person camera angle while on the Swamp Tour.
In the final version she's sitting at the other end of the counter.
The new Kokiri sword icon is there, but it's longer than normal.
A never before seen tree texture is being used on the walls here.
He has the Fairy Ocarina on the B button. Maybe at some point in the game this used to happen. Also, the layout of this area is quite different.
The lower parts of the Stone Tower are laid out differently too.
"Interesting" textures being used on the walls here.
In Gaiden, real-time progress will play a much more integral role than it did in Ocarina of Time. As a moon above Link's planet slowly falls towards the earth, players will have to accomplish all of their tasks before time runs out. Lazy adventurers, though, will be happy to learn that time, it seems, is not without its price. "They say 'Time is money,'" elaborates Miyamoto. "You will be able to buy time using Rupies. There will be a merchant who sells time."
A very empty Termina Field, though the blank map shows that this was very early in development.
Pink fountains and tiled ground ahoy!
And to end this section, the starting movie in it's earliest known form.
One day, deep in the forest, Link encountered a stranger wearing a mysterious mask. Without as much as an explanation, the unusual fellow stole the pony young Link was riding  his beloved Epona  and escaped through a doorway into a warped dimension. Link of course quickly followed and soon found himself trapped in a strange, yet oddly familiar world full of familiar faces. But while the landscape may have looked familiar, one thing was clearly different: In the sky above loomed a gigantic moon, slowly falling down onto this world...
"In a few more days, this world will end." So spoke those living there. Even as they waited, time passed mercilessly. "If you can find the masked one, you may find a clue to saving this realm."
And so Link embarks on a new adventure to halt the setting of the moon on this strange world and to find his way back to his own land.