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Pre-production images that show Link's other forms.

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Fairy Ocarina.
White Chuchus in the Deku Temple. Also, although you can't really see it, Deku Link has burrowed into the left side of the flower, in the final version as you burrow in you're drawn into the center of the flower, but not at this point in development obviously.
I have no clue where this is...
The guitar c icon. Originally when you changed form the Ocarina icon changed to represent the instrument of that form.
A different layout of the Beaver waterfalls.
Originally while racing the Beavers you also had to collect sticks to help build their dam. "At Spaceworld '99, the Zora power was demonstrated during an interesting race of sorts where Link tries to keep up with two beavers and help them gather drift wood for their dam".

On top of the Clocktower in the middle of the day? Hmmm...

Horn icon.
Deku nuts on B, and a mucky pond texture on the water.
The Deku Palace gardens are laid out quite differently.
Bit of a suspect grass texture down there.
Old white horns, I like 'em.
This area looks quite different too.
The Beavers dam.
The Megaton Hammer on B! No doubt just a temporary fill in until the punch was programmed.
The Mountain village sports quite a different layout here.
The A button says "Curl up", final version says just "Curl".
You can just see the edge of the Drum icon here.