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Images from the "A and C" development period.

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The "A and C" development period was extremely short lived, as indicated by the small number of images.
Tails Prower puts forward the theory that perhaps this control sceme worked like so: When you press a c-button the item on it is assigned to the A button and you use the A button to actually use the item. It's a workable idea.

At this time the development team was still trying out new things and attempting to find a suitable control configuration.
Most of these shots feature areas that made it into the final version, in very early states.
At this time child Link was not part of the game, you would have played as only adult Link.

Link battling a small Stalfos inside Ganon's Tower/Hyrule Castle, this is very similar to what is found in the final version.

Link with some Cuccos. Notice the different make-up of the Cuccos and also the extremely low fence in the background. The sky looks different too.
This is obviously Lon-Lon Ranch.

Link in Dodongo's Cavern fighting two Dodongos.
The Dodongo is breathing fire. You can see that Navi has turned red and is hovering above the Dodongos. Utilising the power of motion video I've seen that although there is no Z targeting bracket Link is locked onto the lead Dodongo.
Link in either a dungeon, or an extremely early version of the Temple of Time.
It seems more likely to be the ToT, the pillars, carpet and podium seem un dungeon-like, unless you compare them to the final dungeon rooms in LA, which they bear resemblance to.
Link in the Great Deku Tree's meadow.
This is one of the few (if only) areas that has remained largely unchanged, apart from a major texture overhaul.
Link in the well known "beta graveyard".
This shot shows just how basic the graphics were. While the moon has remained almost exactly the same the Poe and gravestones are utterly different from those in the final version.

More of the 'beta graveyard'.
Here Link shoots a Poe with his bow.

Interesting is the large building(?) in the top right corner of the second and third image.
Also interesting is that in all of the shots in this section Link always carries the Fairy Bow, Bombs and two swords which appear to be the Kokiri sword and the Master sword.
A house, with a second house in the background, perhaps the same house seen in the A + B section? If so then this is at Lake Hylia.

Link in some sort of house, it has a layout which is not found in any of the houses in the final version, also there's no-one inside, which is odd.
The door (red, top left) certainly looks weird, not like any other door in OoT.

Link fighting Leevers in a desert, probably the Desert Colossus, but the lack of anything on the horizon makes it look more like the Haunted Wasteland.

Link inside Lord Jabu-Jabu fighting blue and green "gels".
These are the same enemies that feature in LA, cut the original (blue) and it turns into two smaller (green) ones.

Link climbing some huge stairs in Dodongo's Cavern.
Look at the dodgy Dodongo flame! It's a tube of semi-transparent flame texture!
Link fighting another huge Stalfos in what would appear to be a more detailed version of the Temple of Time, although the fact that there is an enemy here maybe means that this is a final dungeon room...
I have not a clue as to where this could be.
Ah, the Tektites look so bad, it's great :D