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Images from the "A mixed C" development period.

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By this time the storyline was pretty sorted, except that child Link had not been added yet. This development period spanned from mid to late 1997.

This period has been named what it is because it appears that any item could be equipped to the A or c-buttons while the B button was context sensitive.

Most, if not all the dungeons and areas were in place but the control setup was still being fiddled with and would be changed from the configuration seen in these shots.
Many items were being changed and introduced in this period.

Link climbing a ledge in what looks like Dodongo's Cavern. What is very interesting is that he has the Forest Medallion equipped to c-button as he does in a lot of these shots.
I've read that at this time the medallions could be equipped to the c-buttons and were used in place of the warp songs, i.e.: the Forest medallion would warp you to the Forest Temple entrance.
Link battling Lizafos in what appears to be Dodongo's Cavern.
Hanging from one of the two bridges in Dodongo's Cavern, you can see the lower part of the jaw of the large Dodongo skull in the top right corner. (There's a lot of DC pictures in this section.)
Link in Dodongo's cavern near a large moveable block.
Link pulling on the large block, you can tell this is Dodongo's Cavern because the large Dodongo skull can be seen in the top right of these screenshots.
Standing on the edge of a pond in what looks like the Desert Colossus, the trees look... different.
Also, Link has the Megaton Hammer equipped to the c-down button, it looks a lot fancier.

More of the Desert Colossus.

The object on the right that looks like a wooden post and the gray object on the left in the distance are intriguing.

The Fire Temple. This would appear to be the large room with moving blocks and lumps of rock with a suspended walkway going through the middle, the layout is very different.
A rock passage in the Fire Temple. Apart from the flames on the torches these are almost exactly the same as those in the final version of the game.
Link with a horse roaming around Hyrule Field.
Link and his horse at Lake Hylia, the water looks very different, also there is a pier.

Link battling Queen Ghoma.

Remember that kid Link wasn't part of the game yet.

And, Navi is pink?! Weird huh?