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Images from the Gameshark activated "Beta Quest".

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The "Beta quest" screws around with the game's loading thingies and can cause some things which were left on the cart, but out of the final version to be loaded.
To access the "Beta Quest" use the following codes.

Version 1.0

Version 1.1

Version 1.2

Replace the ?? with any number from 01 - 99, 20 is the most commonly used one. For information on how to reach these places once you are in the "beta quest" I suggest you visit Zelda's Secret Ocarina.

The Ice cavern, but with the wooden door which can be seen in actual beta screenshots.
A very mysterious ice structure, which would cover the chest containing the Iron Boots, if it was here.
This structure, it turns out, is from the Master Quest, aka URA Zelda.
The strangely vacant Goron city, this is the room that is usually filled with boulders, at the far end of the room are two large chests, both of which contain bombs. Bombs cannot be obtained from these rooms at any time in the normal game.
Kakariko village, the large tree is gone and near where it stands is this small tree, there's also a circle of bushes nearby.
A circle of stones in front of the Cucco pen.
And a group of bushes near the exit to DMT.
I'm of the opinion that this is not beta, and in fact takes place in the normal game. Right after you learn Epona's song the the game reloads the ranch and shows the owl flying overhead. Now, why does the game reload the area? To load the owl in I suspect, you just never see him sitting on the ground because the camera is facing in such a way that he would not be shown.
The programmer's all item code in action, you can see a screenshot like this in the game manual.
The super weird Ocarina pedestal. I suspect that this was simply at some time a pedestal put in places where you needed to play the Ocarina, if this is correct then at some point you must have had to get LJ-J to open his mouth by playing a song.
The Triforce fadeout, pretty neat huh?
This text can be uncovered, and translates as "Wind Medallion", more or less proving that at some point there was a wind themed temple.
Similarly this text translates as "Ice Medallion", so it would seem the Ice Cavern used to be more than what it is now.
In the Final version if you enter water with something like the bow in your hand it gets put away. Not in the beta versions though, and not in the beta quest.
Here's the infamous Triforce, seen under the castle courtyard.
It's actually on Link's hand, which is why the Triforce of Courage is brighter than the other two, you can just make it out on his hand in this screenshot.
The following images are not from the beta quest but are obtained by switching "actor" or object data around. This is the most interesting of them all, an enemy Arwing from Starfox 64(Lylat Wars). When you enter the area a short intro showing the Arwing flying and barrel rolling plays then the Arwing circles around the area.
You can lock onto it, but it has no enemy description.
If you get too close it'll dive down and shoot it's lasers at you.
You can attack back though, do enough damage and it bursts into flames and crashes.
Leaving a flaming mass of debris.
This bird just flaps it's wings and hovers in midair.
A mysterious stone cube.
This giant fish acts like a pot.
Throw it to the ground or chop it up and it splits into multiple copies and disappears.
A weird grass/seaweed thing.
A beta heart contanier.
A stone block, it makes a weird humming noise.
And a pot, it has no collision data.