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Images from around the time of E3 2002, but not from the show itself.

New control style here, R is now the second context button while Z is used only for receiving hints through the Pirate's Charm. The compass has what appears to be a folded back lid too.
The entrance to Orca's room used to be on the side of the brother's house.
Play it! Check the AR section for details on how to access a version of Outset Island with Orca's door like this.
These holes used to be in some outdoor parts of the Forsaken Fortress, I think they returned you to the prison cell.
Although you can't see it, Link's eyes are blue here. At one point in development Link's eyes actually changed to red during battle.
"Miyamoto-san: When we decided to use the eyes in this way, we considered changing Link's eye color throughout the game. There were points in the game where we programmed it so that were he was fighting his eyes were bright red, and there were some different opinions on that. One of them obviously was that you only see the color of his eyes if you have the camera on him from the front. But, even for those who could notice it we think it felt a little strange. So, ultimately we decided not to do that".
Small keys for the Forsaken Fortress?
I think this is Dragon Roost Cavern. Different Telescope icon.
This is the second room of DRC with the two Bokoblins.
Two dungeons were actually cut to get the game out on time and because they apparently weren't turning out so well.
" First of all, due to time restraints, we had to leave out two stages, which included dungeons."