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Make sure you read the Glitch Posting Template before you add a new glitch.

Backdoor Lockup: Enter a door backwards to lock the game.

Bad Background Music: Have the background music play nothing and then the wrong song.

Blue Shield: Turn the red shield blue.

Boomerang Glitch: Bug out the Boomerang.

Colour-Changing Soldiers: Turn green soldiers gold or purple.

Danger Bunny II: A second way to use a sword while in bunny form (see first one below).

Teleportation: Get to an area as a bunny which you would actually need a hammer to get to.

Danger Bunny III: Yet a third way to use a sword while in bunny form.

Death Mountain Descent: Explore the Dark World early.

Alternate Death Mountain Descent: An alternate, slightly more general method to do the same.
Death Mountain Ascent: Expore eastern Death Mountain early.
Metamorphosis Fairy: Change Bunny Link to normal Link in the Dark World.
Reality Overlap: Mix the Dark and Light worlds together.
Reality Overlap II: Mix the Dark and Light worlds together again.
Danger Bunny: Use a sword while in Bunny form.
Sword Degration: Downgrade your sword up to two grades.
Altered Credits: Alter the Credits.
Wallmaster Transform: Change from a bunny into Link using a Wallmaster.

Early Magic Cape: Get the Magic Cape early.

Ghost of Misery Mire: Invisible enemies in Misery Mire.

High Jump Boots: Jump over walls, and access normally inaccessible areas.

Infinite Pegasus Shoes Glitch: Crash into objects without Pegasus Shoes.

Lanmolas Glitch: Have Lanmolas appear in the wrong room get stuck in mid air.

Light World Bunny: Start the game as a bunny.

Magical Blocks: Have a block disappear before your eyes.

Scrolling Shenanigans: Weird screen scrolling in Skeleton Dungeon.

The Under-Underworld: Get underneath the underworld.

Shovelrang: The Boomerang acts as a shovel.

Under/Over-Underworlds: Be invisible; go anywhere you want!

Bonus Hearts: Get all the heart containers you please, up to a certain limit, by slaying two small Moldorms each time.
Fast Triforce: Beat the game in 5 minutes.
Four Sword Burglar: Break into the Palace of the Four Sword without having to play Four Swords.
Reality Overlap III: Mix the Dark and Light worlds, or Light and Dark!
Swim Glitch: Swim on the floor.
Underworld Curse: Glitch the game out by going too far out.
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