Breath of the Wild Glitches - Out of Bounds area in Kah Okeo Shrine

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If you perform this glitch, save before if you don't want to lose any progress.
Compatible Versions
? Wii U Switch
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Discovered: TOP HEIN ?!
Verified: Yes


  • Remote Bomb Rune unlocked.
  • Having access to Kah Okeo Shrine and made little or no progress inside.


  1. Progress normally in the Shrine.
  2. In the last room of the Shrine, after navigating with a flying platform around spikes blocks, when you will face a puzzle where you need to destroy a huge pillar of damaged rocks surronded by little platforms with torches, use the propelling platform to fly towards the pillar.
  3. Land on one of the litte platforms where the torches are.
  4. Place a Remote Bomb on the platform.
  5. Jump off the platform into the Void, without touching any other platform, and use the "Use Rune" button to make the Remote Bomb explode and destroy the pillar before the "falling into a pit" animation is triggered (you can use your paraglider while falling in the Void if you need time to execute everything). You can also detonate the Remote Bomb in such a way that it will blast you directly down into the Void but it is more difficult to not touch any other platform then and you will take unnecessary damage doing it this way.


If done correctly, you will then reappear Out of Bounds on top of the Shrine, on the previous platform where the torch were. This happens because, after destroying the pillar, this platform disappears Out of Bounds and the game respawns you on the last platform you were before going into the Void, thus Out of Bounds.


This glitch still works in the 1.1.1 version of the game.

If you go on the edge of this Out of Bounds area, jump and fly in the distance past the black zone you can see below you that triggers the "falling into a pit" animation, then let you fall into the "Blue Void", you will fall infinitely. Normally you can unstuck yourself of this fall by going on your map and teleport yourself out of the Shrine, but if you go away too far horizontally from the Shrine, you can softlock your game (it tries to load some datas indefinitely) and you will need to close and restart it.

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