Majora's Mask Miscellaneous Glitches - Ocarina B

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Compatible Versions
? Original 3DS
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


  • Hero's Bow.


  1. Go to Honey and Darling's game shop on any day.
  2. Talk to them and choose to play (you must be normal Link).
  3. Stand right on the very edge of the platform, facing the center of the platform, and wait for the time to run down.
  4. When there is 1 second to go hold Z and move backward a little so that Link falls off the platform and grabs the edge, he must be holding onto the edge when the game finishes.
  5. The B button should now be blank.
  6. Talk to them again and choose to play again, as soon as the game starts jump off the edge to end the game (you don't have to jump off, you just need the game to finish).


When the game finishes you will have the Ocarina on the B button, pressing B pulls it out and it works almost like normal. To get your sword back either get on then off Epona or let the Takkuri steal it and buy it back from the Curiosity shop on the third night.


  • If you go to Stone Tower and get into the battle with Twinmould you can put on the Giant's mask and use the Ocarina as Giant Link. You can make a Giant statue of Link or warp out, if you warp out you will be normal Link when you arrive.
  • Go into the Swordsman's school and choose to do either course. Press B to pull out the Ocarina once the course has started and play the Song of Soaring. While you're choosing where to warp the A and B buttons icons will still be visible, the A button has 'warp' on it, something that you cannot otherwise see. If you warp somewhere, while the warping animation is taking place the button icons, magic meter, rupee counter and your hearts will still be visible onscreen.
  • Go into the Swordsman's school and choose to play the Expert course, once it has started pull out the Ocarina. While you have the Ocarina out the Swordsman will continue to blow his whistle every few seconds, although the logs will not rise/fall. Once he has blown his whistle however many times he does his message about trying harder will come up even though you have the Ocarina out, play any song now and the game will "lock up".
  • Alternately you can go and play one of the shooting gallery games to do this glitch.
  • If you want to use a sword but continue this glitch, use the Great Fairy's Sword, which you can put on the C button that you normally reserve for the Ocarina.
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