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The Story

Read the official 'beta' Ocarina of Time storyline released by Nintendo.

Original01 small.gif

The Originals

The first ever Zelda 64 screenshots, these show the earliest form of the Ocarina of Time running on a barely altered Mario 64 game engine.

1996 forest1 small.jpg

A and B

The first screenshots of Zelda 64 running on a modified Mario 64 engine, these shots are from around 1996 and feature a control style which centered around the A and B buttons.

AandC dungeon icon.jpg

A and C

Running a on a similar engine to the A + B shots these feature a new control style that scrapped the B button and used the A and C buttons.

AmixedC DC inpond small.jpg

A mixed C

These shots are from a newer version of the game engine and feature a control style that used the A, B and C buttons and that allowed for any item to be equipped to the A or C buttons.

ABR GDTM dekubaba iconsize.jpg

A - B Reversed

These are from a near final version of the game. The control style only differs in that the roles of the A and B buttons are switched.

Beta intro dark small.jpg


These are the real Beta shots, taken from the game just months before release they feature very minor changes.

Gs icestructure1.jpg


Pictures taken from the game showing beta things still in the game uncovered using Gameshark.



Movies from various periods of development.

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