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URA Zelda Save file
Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GCN MQ 3DS
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Discovered: JaytheHam
Verified: No

This glitch allows you to create an unplayable URA Zelda save file in Ocarina of Time. URA Zelda was the in-development name for Ocarina of Time, which (until the later stages of its development) was being developed to use the 64DD add-on for the Nintendo 64.

Please note that this glitch can, and likely will, erase (or render unplayable) your save files -- all of them.


  1. First of all you need a save file in which you have beaten the game -- a file where you've defeated Ganon and seen the ending movie. You'll also need an empty save slot.
  2. Go to the file select screen.
  3. Pull out the cartridge until the sound becomes distorted; from this point on leave the cartridge pulled out.
  4. Create a file on the empty save slot.
  5. Choose a name and select end.
  6. You'll be taken back to the file select screen. Choose the new file you just created, open it, and attempt to play it. The game will crash.
  7. Push the cartridge back in and restart the N64.


At least one save file in the game should have been converted into an "URA Zelda" save file. Affected save files are shaded grey and have a small "DISK" tag on their right edges. Any save files that were not converted into URA Zelda files were deleted.

The URA Zelda save files are greyed out because they're unplayable -- without an N64DD and a (nonexistent) URA Zelda disk, the files won't load. They also can't be copied or deleted. Attempting either will crash the game and give the error:

Hungup on Thread 4
Hungup . . /graph c:957

To get rid of them, try playing around on the file screen with the Crooked Cartridge trick, opening, closing, making files. If you do manage to delete them this way, the save files they overwrote may return. If you cannot delete them or have screwed up your game trying, use the Crooked Cartridge game fix to wipe all the save files and return your game to normal.


I am uncertain as to whether this method really works or not; I have gotten an URA Zelda save file to appear by doing this method, once (I've only tried it once with the above "settings" though).

If this trick does not work, try the Corrupted Game trick, it can also turn save files into URA Zelda files.

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