Ocarina of Time Miscellaneous Glitches - Gerudo Child

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The bomb has been placed, and Link is standing on the bridge support.
Link is performing a jump attack. He's barely within the blast radius of the bomb, but he's close enough...
...to be propelled onto the top of the fence.
Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GCN MQ 3DS
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Discovered: M-M & A-T
Verified: Yes


  1. As Child Link, head to Gerudo Valley.
  2. Go to the same side of the bridge as the Gerudo guard, and place a bomb on the wooden slat fourth from the end of the bridge.
  3. Quickly run back onto the wooden support on the left side (when facing towards the guard) of the bridge.
  4. Just before the bomb explodes, roll off the support towards the bomb, so that Link jumps towards it.
  5. As you reach the bomb, and while still in midair, do a jump attack.


If you get it right, the bomb will explode as you jump attack above it, and you'll be pushed onto the metal fence behind the guard. Now just jump off the other side, dodge the guards and head off to the Fortress.


I believe that this is actually part of some kind of scenario that the game developers may have scrapped. You see, across the Gerudo Valley bridge, there are two Gerudos and several objects that you could latch onto with a Hookshot, but they're only there as Child Link. Furthermore, by doing this glitch (or using a cheat device) and entering Gerudo Fortress, and then making your way to the roof jail cell that the guards toss Adult Link into, you'll find a Piece of Heart that is only there as Child Link -- and this is actually an extra Piece of Heart. The treasure chest on the roof contains an Odd Mushroom.

This information, combined with the fact that Child Link has a role in the completion of the Spirit Temple, leads me to believe that the developers had (and later scrapped) a scenario or plotline in which Child Link was supposed to enter the Gerudo's Fortress. Also, the treasure chest with an Odd Mushroom may have once contained some other item, possibly even a beta item -- there's no reason for an Odd Mushroom to appear in a treasure chest, but it had to be deliberately put there, so perhaps it was a placeholder?

You can also get past the fence using the Gerudo Child II or Bombchu Hover glitch.


Mountain Gerudo: Climb a rocky face in the Gerudo's Fortress.

Carpenter's Child: Enter the Carpenter's tent as a child.

Ice arrows Early: Get the Ice arrows without training.

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