Ocarina of Time Miscellaneous Glitches - Nayru's Crash

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Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GCN MQ 3DS
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Discovered: CCFH
Verified: Yes


  1. Go to Death Mountain Crater.
  2. Put on either the Zora Tunic or Kokiri Tunic so that you will eventually die from the heat.
  3. Just before you die from the heat cast Nayru's Love.
  4. When you die and are asked whether or not you want to save, choose Continue.


When you come back to life, Nayru's Love will still be working, but it will not be using any magic power. This means you can use the Lens of Truth or cast another Nayru's Love while the first is still going. If you try to use one of the magic arrows or cast Din's Fire, the game freezes. You'll now have to reset the game.

Alternatively you can go to somewhere like Lake Hylia and drown with Nayru's Love in effect; do as above and the game will freeze.

If you do the glitch by drowning in a Temple, you can freeze the game by using Farore's Wind while Nayru's Love is in effect.

Although this glitch doesn't work on the NGC version, if you do try it, you may notice that after choosing to Continue playing, the white bar around the magic meter will be faded (like it is when you pause the game while a spell is in effect); this will revert to normal as soon as you use some magic.


The reason why you can use magic after dying is simple - the game retains your Nayru's Love after restarting, but at the same time resets the "magic locked" attribute (which is a bug), and so will allow you to use other magic items.

The reason why Din's Fire or the magic arrows crash is presumably because the magic meter is still "locked" since Nayru's Love is still running. Therefore, it tries to deduct your magic, but fails and crashes. The Lens of Truth works differently in that it gradually reduces magic according to usage so it does not seem to trigger the crash. Starting a second Nayru's Love will not trigger the crash either since the game assumes the two Nayru's Love to be the same, and allows the magic to be deducted.

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