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Make sure you read the Glitch Posting Template before you add a new glitch.

Ability Overlap: Use a Tingle ability while the previous one is still in effect.

Aerial Morths: Morths that can fly through the air.

Alternative Layout: Change the button configuration on the item screens.

Back In Time: Appear on the map with title logo on screen.

Barrel of Red Lions: Cheat at the Spectacle Island cannon game using the King of Red Lions.

Big Piggy Swimmer: Make Outset's large pig swim in the air.

Burrowing Bees: Push the "Killer Bees" through the ground.

Castle Exteriors Interior: Take a look at the inside of the castle's outside.

Death Trap: Kill a Stalfos and get locked in.

Decorative Air: Place a decorative item in air.

Empty Islands: Fly a seagull around inside an island.

Fake Props: How to get to the Forsaken Fortress' fake wreckage.

Far Throw Pig: Throw the pig much further than normal.

Fighting Torches: Uncover a slightly embarrassing mistake in programming.

Fountain Crash: Crash the game using a Fountain Idol.

Frosty Floater: Frozen Bokoblins hover above water.

Ghost Chart: Tingle thinks you have a chart that you don't...

Ghost Giant Pig: Make a pig fall through the ground.

Ghost Link: Move through rocks.

Ghost Ship Chest Crash: Freeze the game in the Ghost Ship with the chest.

Ghost Stones: Throw stones through walls.

Ghostly Pig: A pig that walks through rock.

Ghost Treasure Chest: Get on top of a treasure chest.

Gull Lock: Temporarily lock the game up with a seagull.

Hookshot Slide: Make Link continuously slide forwards using the Hookshot.

Illusionary Wood: Go through solid looking wood.

Incomplete Heart Container: Three Heart runs ruin Heart Containers! (Not literally.)

Loading Zone Death Glitch: Walk through a loading zone and fall over dead.

Wrong Music Death: Have regular area music play instead of the Game Over theme.‎
Zombie Link: Participate in a cutscene while dead.

Magic Disappearance: Make Link temporarily disappear.

Moblin Hostage: Lift and run around with a thawed Moblin.

Explore Hyrule: Not the path, the actual countryside.

Multiplying Morths: Lots and lots of Morths, so many the game freezes.

Over Eager Boat: Make the KoRLs give you the wrong message.

Physics-Defying Pear: Fall through a bridge with a Hyoi Pear.

Pig Blimp: See the piggy float away through the air.

Piggy Swimmers: See pigs swim in air.

Sand Sailor: Sail your boat around on sand at Dragon Roost Isle.

Scene Leftover: The left behind, levitating stone.

Scuba Link: See Link swim underwater.

Sea Shanty: Sailing music on land.

Senseless Death: Kill Link with a simple push

Ship Shop Camper: Wedge your boat on the front of a Ship Shop.

Silence is Golden: Silence the music of Windfall Island.

Solid Hole: Fall into an entrance hole without going anywhere.

Starlight Symphony: Nighttime music at Forest Haven.

Stop 'n Swap: Switch items and create chaos.

Grandma Stop: Crash the game with Grandma.
Hidden Bacon: Find a secret piggy.
Orca the Murderer: Be killed by Orca the swordsman.
Stop, Swap 'n Stop: Lock the game up.
Swap Shredder: Get rid of important documents.
Swap, Stop 'n Go: Cheat at the forest revival sidequest, as well as allow watered trees to wither independent of others.

Strong Link: Run around while holding one of the large stone heads.

Land Locked: Get your boat stuck on land, and you in it.

Tingle's Extra Item: Carry one more item than you should on the Tingle Tuner.

Zombie Kargaroc: See a dead Kargaroc live.

Zombie Keese: See a dead Keese live.
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