Wind Waker Glitches - Stop n Swap

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Compatible Versions
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Discovered: wiccaspeller
Verified: Yes


  1. Equip an item to X, Y or Z.
  2. Press the button to use the item and then immediately press start (you more or less have to press them at the same time, otherwise the game won't pause).
  3. Equip another item to the button of the item you just used.


The game will now be forced to use the item you put on after pausing the game, even if you couldn't normally use it. Depending on the item you use the game may try to use the second item as the first item.

  • Have a bottle with Elixer soup/potion/fairy on the button to start with, and switch it for another empty bottle or item, Link will use the first item, but it will still be in your bottle.
  • Have the Tingle Tuner on to start with and switch it for any other item, Link will take out the second item and hold it in his hands as if it was the Tingle Tuner (The Sail, Iron Boots, Magic Armor or a bottle with an item in it will be invisible).
  • Have the pictobox on to start with and stand in front of someone who you can show a photo to, switch it for any other item and the message "Tingle can only be called in areas that have maps" will come up.
  • Have any item on to start with and switch it for bombs, Link will take out a bomb, even if you have 0!
  • Use either a Hyoi Pear or All-Purpose Bait to start with and switch it for the other, the one you had equipped to start with will be used, but the number of the one switched for will be reduced.

Sub Glitches

Grandma Stop: Crash the game with Grandma.

Hidden Bacon: Find a secret piggy.

Stop, Swap 'n Stop: Lock the game up.

Swap Shredder: Get rid of important documents.

Swap, Stop 'n Go: Cheat at the forest revival sidequest, as well as allow watered trees to wither independent of others.

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