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This page aims be a good starting place for new users who don't know what to help with, as well as a good gathering place to organize needed glitches and other things needing to be done with the wiki. Tell us on the talk page if you have any ideas for a project below that you want to try.

Feel free to add any project to this page that you feel needs to be done or accomplished on the wiki.


General Things to be Done

  • Glitches that need to be added
  • These glitches need to have videos found for them.
  • Explanation glitches.
  • Make proper requirements for glitches. (Not all glitches need requirements, but many of them could use it.)

Glitch Verification Process

This is really rather vague. Plus, you can't really tell what's been verified from youtube sources, external sources, original research, etcetera. I think we might want to fix that. Maybe we can have three available options for verification: we can either video verify it, provide two/three or more reliable sources, or have three or more users personally test and sign off on it. Then we'd have to include it somewhere in the article.

I like the idea of users personally test and signing off on it. Maybe something like this:
Version Result Tester Signature
USA 1.0 Confirmed the result as the same. Xen (talk) 11:16, 2 March 2013 (EST)
Maybe something like this put into the bottom of page on every glitch page? Xen (talk) 11:16, 2 March 2013 (EST)
Something like that would be cool, but we might want something a bit more subtle, but that included all three of the options (maybe just add some mouse-over text?). The glitch header probably needs a redesign anyway though. There are other features that might benefit it too, like glitch type/category. - Zafum (talk) 12:42, 2 March 2013 (EST)
+1 on the redesign of the glitch header. I'm not too sure about the mouse-over text. The reason I suggested the wikitable at the bottom of the page was to differentiate between subversions of major versions (IE: JPN VC or JPN GC of let's say OOT) just to be more specific than the glitch header since just JPN or GC (GC all together as in every country? What if there are differences in each region?) on the OOT/any header is pretty vague. Xen (talk) 12:09, 3 March 2013 (EST)
What if we added a collapsible element? - Zafum (talk) 18:16, 3 March 2013 (EST)
-----Header Stuff----- -----Here-----
Verified by with
Zafum 1.2 NTSC
Video GCN

Similarly, about glitch discovery...

There doesn't seem to be a very cohesive method for this. We might want to start adding links inside the discovered boxes over peoples names or something, to verify the discoverer. Also, I won't point out names, but we need to make it more clear that the discovered box is for the original person who discovered it, not the ZC user (unless they actually did discover it).

Glitch Classification

Some sort of classification system needs to be made for glitches, particularly so that long lists of glitches (like that of the MM and OoT Misc lists) can be sorted.

Ocarina of Time Bottle Adventure

The Ocarina of Time Bottle Adventure page needs to be fixed, as it's getting too large. It can either be split into multiple pages, or someone can figure out a way to keep it on one page, but make it less cluttered.

Featured Glitch

The Featured Glitch thing never really worked out, so something needs to be done about the featured glitch page (should we try it again, revamp it, get rid of the idea all together, etc.).

Glitch Speedrunning Guides

Just guides on playing through the game with different glitch tricks and shortcuts.

Glitches by Area

Pages for each area of a game, describing what glitches can be performed there, and maybe other neat trivia and facts about the place. (and beta content?)


Adding a sources section to glitch pages, to add authenticity. We might have a list of trusted source sites (such as zsr), so less well known sources could be flagged as such on the pages.


See trivia here. It's just fun getting together some neat Zelda Glitch/Beta related trivia. Once there's enough though, we can add a template to the front page for random trivia.

New Forum Skin

The current skin for the forums is actually the default one, but the forums need a custom skin made specifically for Zelda Chaos. If you're any good at designing and programming skins, then this is for you!

New Wiki Skin

If you check out wikis like Wikirby or Metroid Wiki, they have really cool custom skins for their wikis, while we only have the standard MediaWiki skins. Just a thought, but it would be really cool to have a custom skin like that.

Logo Stuff

First of all, the 88 x 31 Banners on the about page could look a bit nicer, so we need a replacement.

Glitches Using Items & Reoccurring Glitches

Glitches Using Items - Pages for glitches that you must use certain items for. This page would work very similarly to that of the Glitches by Area page. Reoccurring Glitches - Pages for glitches that have made returns in more than one Zelda title, such as the infamous Back in Time (BiT) Glitch or Swordless Link.

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