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Images from the Beta development period.

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These are the real Beta screenshots.

The Beta stage is when the game is handed over to bug/glitch finders who play the game in order to make it as problem free as possible, this period can begin up to a year before the game is released, but usually not that early.

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A different camera angle.
The old Kokiri sword icon.
The old Master sword icon, which is on the B button, instead of the Fishing Rod, plus the c-buttons are still slightly visible.

Old targeting bracket.

The Fishing pond's history is interesting, originally it was 2D ala Link's Awakening.

"Nintendo Tsuri, was originally conceived to showcase Nintendo's latest hardware innovation: the Rumble Pak.
Development of this fishing game was ultimately halted and its core engine was used for the excellent fishing sequences in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time."
Interesting no? The fishing pond uses the game engine of what was to be a completely different standalone game.
Fairy Ocarina.
This area, inside Goron city is not present in the final version, either that or is has undergone a radical transformation.
This Goron city seems strangely deserted.
From the cover of Nintendo Power, Nintendo's official magazine, child Link, with adult weapons equipped. He's actually holding the Megaton hammer, it's just invisible, like when you use the GS code to use it as a child.
The placement of the hole is slightly different, final version has it further away from the fence.
Wall torches burning during the day, and Impa standing outside while you're controlling? Weird.
What is with these pictures?! Kid Link has the Bow equipped.
Look at how different the layout of the BBA is! This would have been very hard to win at.
Malon, standing to the right of where she is in the final version, also the old man is blue is on the opposite side from where he is in the final version.
This is very very weird. Bombs, a cucco and large numbers of floating green rupees, I think it's safe to say the SG changed quite a lot.
Other than the icon on the right of the screen and the slightly visible c-buttons this is much more normal.
The starting sequence, taking place during midday instead of early morning.
Well, at least it's nighttime now, but it's darker than in the final version.
He's got the spin attack, before having beaten Ghoma.
Old torch style, on right.
It's a different Kokiri than is here in the final version.
The sign is in a slightly different place.
A lot of the scenery is missing.
Originally there was a Heart piece up here, Nintendo Power listed it in their pre-release HP guide. They then later said it "has been moved to a better hiding place".