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Images from the "A - B reversed" development period.

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This was pretty much the final game, the control style is the same as the final one except that the 'A' and 'B' buttons have switched roles.

Although quite a lot of stuff was still being changed it was mostly minor, the story had been finalised and most things were probably just being tested to make sure they worked properly.

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Link meets Zelda for the first time.
The flowers are yellow (final version's are red) and the B button says 'Navi', pressing B would no doubt make Navi fly around you in a circle like it does in the final version (except that you press A and 'Navi' doesn't appear on the button).
Those ears are rather large, they've been shortened in the final version.
:D Those guards look hilarious.
Definitely some mighty big ears.
Hmm, now the text on the B button has changed to Japanese, must be that only some of the text had been translated. Interesting the way Navi has turned Zelda that yellow shade.
Link Receives the Fire medallion, note its chunky angular design, a far cry from the nice rounded final version medallions.
I'm pretty sure you don't see Navi hovering around outside the crystal sphere in the final version.
Chunky medallion II, the sides of it aren't even the same colour as the rest.
Dodongo's Cavern. This place looks very different. Link also has infinite Deku sticks and seeds. A good time to see that the old Kokiri sword model is used here.
Yellow Damage indicator, plus, the Dodongos seem to be larger than those in the final version?

Using the maps from other screenshots you can tell this is Dodongo's Cavern.
Also showing the "old style" lock on here.

Lizafos battles in a room that looks similar to the ones that you battle in in the final version.
The small key icon is different, I think, or maybe just positioned slightly differently, also, as someone pointed out, you don't get small keys in DC anymore. And the Deku sticks seem to have a word on them, instead of a number or nothing.
This is the hole you jump down to reach King Dodongo, it's all made of stone blocks whereas final version is made to look sort of like a cave.
No bombflower in the corner! What if you ran out of bombs before you killed King Dodongo?! I suppose that's the exact reason why they put them in.
Hmm, Link has a whole lot of hearts here, he also has the boomerang. It is possible to get the boomerang before you fight King Dodongo (just leave and go to LJ-J once you get the bombs) but if you follow the story you don't.
Infinite Deku sticks once again and the "old style" bombs. By old style I mean that they are completely black, apart from the area of reflection, and they don't flash, though you have to see them in a movie to be able to tell that ;P