Minish Cap Glitches

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Beanstalk Graphical Bug: Make a beanstalk load incorrectly.

Beta Leftover: A final game reference to a canned item.

Charm of Dye: Turn Link's tunic orange.

Delusional Herb: Get the figurine buff to see an item you don't possess.

Fickle Farmer: If you don't fuse Kinstones with this farmer the first chance you get, he'll never give you another one...

Lilypad Trap: Trap Link in water using a lilypad.

Missing Bomb Bag Upgrade: An unobtainable Biggest Bomb Bag in the European version.

Ocarina Glitch: Use the Ocarina of Wind and split-second timing to explore unintended areas.

Secret of Illusion: A wall that appears to hide secrets, but doesn't.

Shootable Mayor: The only person that can be shot.

Buggy Drink: Experience an unexpected side-effect of drinking.

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