Breath of the Wild Glitches

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Make sure you read the Glitch Posting Template before you add a new glitch.

Air-Mounting : Because your mount disappears doesn't mean you still can't be the best at mounting (and being stuck in the air).

Way High in the Sky : Restart your game really high in the sky.

Attack Animation Cancel : Stop the animation, not the attack itself.

E3 Demo Weird Textures : When you can see that a game is still in development.

Fast Travel Softlock : Make your horse freeze your game by teleporting inside it. Bad horse!

Infinite Sprinting : Prevent your Stamina Gauge to be used while running.

Out of Bounds area in Kah Okeo Shrine : Use a simple exploit with the void and by solving a certain puzzle to explore a normally unplayable area in this shrine.

Vah Rudania Door Clip : Why solving a puzzle when you can simply go through the door...

Infinite Jump / Moon Jump : Who needs the ground? Jump while in the sky!

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