Spirit Tracks Glitches

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Make sure you read the Glitch Posting Template before you add a new glitch.

Beedle's Glitchy Shop: Glitch up the Spirit Train.

Demon Train Death Glitch: Make the Train run off the tracks and the ledge.

Hearts Mix-Up: Screw up the health recovery system.

Infinite Arrow Orb Glitch: Make an arrow bounce between two orbs.

Lava Hopping: Hop up and down in lava without getting hurt.

Levitating Link: Defy the laws of gravity.

Moving Chest: Chests can move mysteriously...

Quick Shield Change: Get the Shield of Antiquity early.

Spirit's Missing Floor: Something's not quite right about that map of the Tower of Spirits...

The Arrow Glitch: Have the bow of light show up as a regular bow.

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