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Back In Time: Gain control of Link during the "Title screen" cutscene.

New Game+: Get Bombs and the Bow for use when you start up a Back in Time save file!
Early Forest Temple (Bomb Method): Enter the Forest Temple in Faron Woods early without the complicated CD-Streaming!
Diveless Early Lakebed Temple: Enter Lakebed Temple earlier without Rupee Diving, making it possible on ANY version.

Bomb Volume: The volume of a bomb explosion doesn't depend on its distance.

Boomerang Reed: Use your boomerang instead of a reed to call Epona.

Burial at Sea: Drown a Twilight Archer during a cutscene.

Cave of No Ordeals: Use your boomerang to make the Cave of Ordeals extremely easy.

CD Streaming: Sequence Break by using the Zelda disc to prevent loading points from properly loading actors/objects and other things.

Attack of the Clones: Make a few hundred goblins spawn during the King Bulblin battle.
Early Kakariko Gorge (No Twilight): Get to Kakariko Gorge long before you normally would without the twilight blanket, as a human, and with Epona.
Early Kakariko Village: Get to Kakariko Village long before you normally would.
Forward in Time: Opposite to the Back in Time glitch, you battle King Bulblin long before you are normally supposed to.
Flying Epona: Ride Epona out of bounds in the unloaded Hyrule Field!
Epona Through the Wall: Walk Epona around in a void.
Drown Epona: Make Epona drop to the bottom of the lake.
Teleporting Epona: Get Epona into North Faron Woods, where she normally cannot get into.
Poe Soul Text Delay/Skip: Delay the text box from coming up like it normally would after you get a Poe Soul.

City In The Sky Early: Get to the Sky Temple Early.

Impaz Repeating Dialogue Glitch: The old woman that can't stop speaking.

Dashing Boots Exit: Make link run through a loading point with the iron boots on.

Death by Thin Air: Escape the flames of the Great Bridge of Hylia!...only to seemingly die to thin air.

Death Hole: Proud beast, who lost the battle with a hole in the wall.

DJ Ooccoo: Use Ooccoo to play the wrong music in a dungeon room.

Early Master Sword: Get the Master Sword long before your supposed to.

Good Eyes: Have a goron call you a human when you're a wolf.

Eldin Bridge Game-Breaker: The bridge isn't the only thing that the twilight breaks.

Endless Game Over: The Game Over screen that just won't go away.

Endless Supply: Get infinite Bombs and Arrows for a while.

Escape Ganondorf's Barrier: Escape Ganondorf's barrier in the final phase of the battle against the King of Evil.

Gale Longjump: Use your boomerang and your sword to scale great distances.

Out of bounds in the Gerudo Desert: Use the Gale Longjump to explore a normally unplayable area.

Gate Rock: At the beginning of the game use a rock to get through a gate.

Twilight Warrior: Get into the twilight as a Human.
Beloved Wooden Sword/Ordon Wooden Sword: Temporarily keep the wooden sword.

Goal Line Miscall: The ball is clearly off the path, but the result given is Rollgoal...

Goron Lockup: Lock the game up by standing on a goron.

Green Chu Jelly: Get your hands on a beta item the developers didn't want you to.

Inconvenient Mail: Receive a letter while hanging from a cliff.

Kill the Postman: Finally get rid of that annoying postman!

Lake Hylia Early: Reach the Lake before you're equipped to do so.

Lava Fishing: Apparently the fishing rod can't tell apart lava from water...

Map Glitch: Deactivate Exit Flags/Pointers and in some areas temporarily corrupt collision data.

Link Explorer: Explore the Bomb Shop.
Link Explorer II: Explore Coro's house.
Rude Wolf: Keep using your canine senses even when talking to Midna.
Underground Stalking: Walk around or ride Epona under Hyrule.

Multiple Fishing Rods: Have more than one fishing rod at one time.

Teleport/Levitate Glitch: Teleport and/or levitate to a certain area!

Panoramic Camera: Have the camera show a strange view of Hyrule Town.

Pegasus Boots: Move at normal speed on magnetic ceilings/walls.

Pointless Death: Get killed by a ledge on a doorway.

Shad Game Save Infinite Loop: Make your save game file go into a endless loop with Shad.

Sign Freeze: Freeze up the game with a sign.

Swim with Water Bombs: As the name implies, you can swim with Water Bombs.

Vine Clip Glitch: Get inside or through certain walls and objects by clipping to them with the Clawshots.

Wrestling Wolf: Softlock the game in Bo's house!

Yeto Freeze: Use the Ball and Chain to freeze the game 0:00.06 into a downhill snowboard run.

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