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Originally founded in 2001 as an small independent site, JayTheHam converted Zelda Chaos into a wiki on the tenth of February, 2009. It's been growing ever since.

Back then, as well as now, Zelda Chaos has aimed to be the top resource for Zelda glitches on the web. You can help achieve this goal! Create an account and add new glitches/images/information to the wiki, or just fix some spelling mistakes. Anything you can add improves the site for everyone.

If you haven't used a wiki before check out the Help section for information on how to add to the site. Check existing pages to see how they're formatted and try to follow the same conventions.

Please remember:

  • Check to see if a glitch is already on the wiki before you add it, use the search box.
  • If you have to use a GameShark/Action Replay, it is not a glitch, please do not add it to the wiki.
  • If you are unsure of what the glitch page should look like or how to make it, read this.
  • Not sure what needs to be done on the wiki? See Here.
  • Any improvement is better than nothing, so help us out :)


  • JayTheHam - Original owner and founder of the site.
  • Xen - Administrator and webmaster.
  • Zafum - Administrator and pretty much oversees huge projects.

Zelda Chaos Icons/banners/Logos

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