Skyward Sword Glitches

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Make sure you read the Glitch Posting Template before you add a new glitch.

Back In Time: Control Link during the Title Screen sequence.

Wrong Warp: Warp out of bounds or do major sequence breaks by warping on the Title Screen to certain locations.

Fi Dive: Use a ledge to have Link offscreen as he calls Fi.

Ghost Sword: Weapon unable to even touch the walls.

Goddess Wall Jump: Spastic jumping after exiting a goddess wall.

Hang-Over: A way to look like after drinking too much.

Proportions?: Let's break the laws of physics.

Sailcloth on Bird: The illusion of an equippable B item while riding the Loftwing.

Thunder Breaker: Use Lanayru and Golo to stop all game progression.

What? Collision?: The Tough Beetle didn't notice the roof.

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